Maker's Pass

What if you could get all the files I upload each month for one flat monthly price? Now you can.

Save up to 80% by paying monthly!

Get all the files in the store plus all the the new files as soon as they are released.

*excludes Fantasy File Club files


Imagine an online subscription that gives you access to all of the files that you're already buying anyway, PLUS more.... at a massive discount!

This pass is right for you if you:

  • You love Maker's Fantasy files
  • Have an online shop or if you're interested in selling online
  • Sell at vender markets & craft fairs or if you're interested in getting started
  • You have a vender booth in a retail store or if you do wholesale
  • You love making fun, unique jewelry with your laser
  • Your family, friends, and even strangers are asking you where you get your cool earrings and accessories
If any of the above statements applies to you, then the Maker's Pass is for you!

★ Gone are the days of having to pick and choose files.
★ Gone are the days of having to choose one file over another.
★ Gone are the days of paying full price for new files.

With the Maker's Pass, you will have access to new files as soon as they come out at! No waiting or complicated steps to download. Just add files to your cart and checkout as you normally would. Your discount is automatically applied  at check out. It's that simple!

Let's break it down
One file at retail price = $6
15 files (a typical month) = $90
20 Files = $120
15 files every month for a year = $1,080
With the Maker's Pass, you get ALL the files for just $19.95 a month!

*excludes Fantasy File Club files


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get past months files or just the current month's files? 
You will get all regular files that are currently in the store and all new releases as they come out.

Does this membership include Fantasy File Club files?
No. Fantasy File Club files are only available to members in the Fantasy File Club.

Do I need to wait until the 1st of the month to sign up?
No! You can sign up at any time. You will be billed on the same day that you signed up each month.

Will I need to use a discount code?
No. You will check out as you normally would. Once you click "checkout" your total will be adjusted to $0.00 for all files in your cart.

I'm already a member of the Fantasy File Club. Can I use my member discount to sign up for the Maker's Pass?
Unfortunately, no. The member discount is only applied to files.

What if I need to cancel?
You can cancel your membership anytime in your account page.

I need to change my form or payment. Can I do that?
Yes. You can manage your membership and change your payment method in your account page.

Hey, I'm Jessica!


I've been a graphic designer for over 7 years now, and at the beginning of 2022 I began designing jewelry cut files for laser owners who struggled to create their own. 

I started off slowly, but now, my file library is growing by leaps and bounds with 4-5 new designs being added each week.

My files come in a variety of formats for different laser software, like SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and even AI. Each file comes with several versions so that you can make layered acrylic or single layered wood jewelry. There's so many options.

My files are perfect for beginners because I share easy-to-follow tutorials in my Facebook group and now on my YouTube channel. They're also great for seasoned pros too, because the layered versions of my files are a great way to experiment with different acrylics and create your own look and style.

Coming up with the next jewelry design for your business just got a whole lot easier with the All Access Pass!