Become a File Designer with Adobe Illustrator

The wait is over!

The easiest way to learn how to design your own amazing jewelry cut files is here!!!

Jewelry Design Lab is your ticket to designing jewelry cut files like a pro and skipping over all the struggle of figuring it out on your own. Struggle is so NOT a vibe.

I mean, you could totally figure it out on your own. You're freaking amazing. But you're also about working smarter, not harder. Your time and energy are valuable to you. So here's the smarter solution you've been waiting for.
I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to design jewelry laser cut files in Adobe Illustrator. I've done my research and Illustrator is the top dog in the industry.

Adobe Illustrator is the most robust, powerful tool that we have to create vector based graphics... AKA laser cut files. It's what the professionals and biggest companies use. So why would you want anything less than the best? I know you want quality cut files. So reaching for the best tool to make that happen just makes sense.

Having all of that functionality & power at your fingertips can seem a little intimidating and confusing when you're starting out, I get it. But that's why you're looking into this design course, right?

You're not going to be alone. I'm sharing everything I've learned and everything I do to create my own cut files.

I've done the hard part for you. All you have to do is show up ready to learn.

If you've ever purchased one of my files, then you know they're clean and super high quality. The phrase "cuts like butter" often comes to mind, LOL.

I'll show you exactly what I do that make sure my files are top notch, grade A files.


Jewelry Design Lab is an online course that will help you harness the power of Adobe Illustrator to create jewelry cut files that people are obsessed with.


I'm not holding anything back. I'm packing in everything I've learned, my entire workflow start to finish, and all of my own personal time-saving tips and tricks into this course so that you're 100% confident and fully prepared to create whatever your heart desires. 

With Jewelry Design Lab, you'll learn:

  • How to easily turn any photograph or artwork into a cut file 
  • How to make ultra clean cut lines to maximize cut quality & speed
  • Best practices for determining what size to make your jewelry
  • Which file formats to save your cut files as
  • How to optimize your laser cut files to sell
  • How to organize cut files in the most efficient way
  • How to create layered & inlaid jewelry designs
  • How to create single line (scored) designs
  • How to determine & adjust kerf quickly and easily
  • How to turn your drawings into unique laser cut files
  • The correct way to size jump ring holes for various types of laser jewelry
  • How to incorporate text in your designs
  • & SO much more!

Everything you need is all here. And, not only am I showing you how to use the desktop version of Illustrator, I'm also going to include a bonus mini course: Designing cut files in Illustrator for iPad!

It doesn't matter if you can draw or not. You don't have to have any artistic skills whatsoever. If you can simply hold a pen in your hand (and have an iPad), then you can use Illustrator on the iPad. 

One of the biggest perks of using Illustrator on the iPad is the expanded mobility of designing on a tablet.

For me personally, the desktop version is the best and fastest way to design laser cut files, but having the option to lounge on the couch or even in my bed and get some work done on my iPad is such a huge plus. That's why I'm including the iPad mini course with your purchase!

Oh, and another very important thing you should know about Jewelry Design Lab...

I don't do boring. Who has the time for that? Even if I'm super interested in a subject, I will lose focus if I'm not stimulated in some way. I don't want to hear anyone drone on and on like we're back in high school history class. I can't learn like that, so I sure as hell wouldn't make a course like that either!

Look, the truth is... I wanna have fun too! Life is too short to be dull, boring, and miserable. It's my goal to make this course as fun and as stimulating as possible... for both of us.

In addition to keeping things stimulating, I'll teach and guide you in an intuitive way that makes the learning process feel more natural.

I keep things interesting with fun, interactive lessons and practice worksheets to help keep you engaged and always excited for the next lesson.

One of the ways I do this is by using a mix of videos, audio clips, written information, check lists, cheat sheets, practice worksheets, and study guides.

The actual course & everything listed above is located in the Laser Learning Lab, a section of my website that I created to house all of my courses and learning resources.

I've also created a kick ass, private Facebook group to give you extra support, answer any questions that may come up, and connect you with other Jewelry Design Lab students. Having peer-to-peer support while learning Illustrator is so important. You can help cheer each other along every step of the way and support others as they begin their laser design journey. Having that connection and support multiplies your motivation AND success.

I've included two whole months of access to the Facebook group for free when you sign up for this course.

If you'd like to remain in our awesome file designer community after the two months, or if you still feel you could benefit from the extra support and extended learning I provide there, there is an option to pay monthly to stay in the group.

I don't want anyone to feel alone or isolated, ever. That's why I decided to pair the course with an online community. It's a way to stay connected to others just like you and to me, so that you can get support when you need it.

I host live Q&A sessions each week to answer all of your questions while you work through the course material. If you run into something you don't quite understand, the Q&A sessions are going to be how you ask for help and get immediate feedback and real solutions from me.

Everything you need to finally master how to design cut files in Illustrator is waiting for you inside!

If you're ready to invest in your creative skills and design kick ass jewelry cut files with me, then click the Join Now button below and I'll see you inside the Jewelry Design Lab!

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